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Get Shipping’s full range of ocean freight services provides our clients with a one-stop solution for all of their sea-going freight requirements. RLG manages the selection and booking of vessels, documentation and paperwork, monitoring and tracking, and more. Our wide partner network ensures our clients have access to some of the world’s best ocean freight carriers and the right ships for the job.

What is maritime transport?

More than 95% of world trade is handled by sea through the oceans. Along with ocean freight, our team Get Ghipping puts your cargo on the ship that best meets your needs. We free up your time by taking care of your logistics.

Bilateral engagement

Want to strengthen your supply chain and get service that puts your cargo first? We help you do this through our mutual commitment. This means you can choose from competitive, up-to-date, instantly available rates, and we’ll make sure we only sell what we can charge. By booking with us, you get the same priority as the world’s biggest brands, at no additional cost, from over 300 ports in over 150 countries.
Goodbye delays due to lack of capacity! It also means stable prices for the transport of your goods. It’s so easy!

Get Shipping’s sea freight service division covers:


  • Full container load (FCL) or less than container load (LCL) shipments
  • Breakbulk and roll-on/roll-off cargo
  • Full or part charters
  • Cross trade
  • Delivery term options Including door to door and terminal to terminal
  • Frequent, reliable sailing schedules
  • Domestic and international customs clearance
  • Charters for very large or bulk commodity shipments
  • Shipment of all commodities, including temperature-controlled freight
  • A 24-hour customer support team
  • Documentation and cargo insurance
  • Monitoring, tracking, and tracing of ocean shipments
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