2002 – 2021

Get Shipping Mauritanie Group

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Get Shipping Mauritania is a group of four integrated companies, specialized in the following fields:
1. Shiplog : for Vessels consignment
2. Get SHIPPING SA: for Handling warehousing and storage with a yard of thirty thousand (32 000) square meters in port Nouakchott
3. Amina: Specialization in architecture, equipment import and food importIt has recently built many buildings and has infrastructure development projects in the coming years in Mauritania
4. E.c.b.t : Agency of Transit and Consignment with Thirty years’ experience in customs clearance Get shipping is a provider of global logistics for both Sea and air freight and vessels consignment in Mauritania. Get is a group of several Mauritanian companies, in Mauritanian capitals, assets and values, with a huge Fleet of trucks, cranes and heavy equipment Get is managed by trained people with thirty years of experience Get is a provider of commercial trading services with a very huge relationship with the Mauritania business men, Get has a branch specialized in export of all kinds of fish from Mauritania to Europe, Asia and Middle East