Shiplog Mauritanie Group


2017 – 2021

Shiplog Mauritanie

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We are freight forwarders in maritime transport. We are specialized in international moving and maritime transport for individuals. We take care of all of your transport. In order to offer specific solutions to the needs of our customers. Forwarding and all kind of port operation composed of a well-trained team with good knowledge and long experience in the field of shipping; their solid strategies bring the perfect combination that will meet customer demands in the most professional manner and we have all the agreements needed in this field and we provide a wide range of solution .these services include, Transit ,Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Land Freight, Transport, Storage, Shipping, Handling, Protection Agency, all types of Cargo Inspection, international shipping , logistics, Port container terminal operation, ship and container renter services, ship and container trading. And oil and Gas and mining solutions